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Developer InfoCenter (Analysis Services - Data Mining)

The role of a data mining developer is to design and implement predictive analytics that can be embedded in solutions or used as the basis for reporting. The developer can use SQL Server Analysis Services together with Integration Services or another ETL tool for processing data. In addition, the developer can use ProClarity, Reporting Services, or another custom reporting solution to present the results of data mining.

The developer of data mining solutions might have one of the following job titles: Application Developer, Report Developer (ISV), Data Warehouse Programmer, Database Programmer, or Data Modeler. Regardless of the job title that is associated with this role, the data mining developer designs and implements data mining solutions that are based on the technology direction defined by the business architect and the data steward. The developer relies on the operational assistance of the Analysis Services administrator and the ETL process administrator, and on feedback from information workers and business users.

To help the data mining developer be as effective as possible, this InfoCenter provides links to the object models and APIs that can be used in developing client- and server-based business intelligence applications.