How to: Configure Data Collection Parameters

Before you create a custom collection set, you must first configure data collection parameters. You can do this by using the stored procedures that are provided with the data collector. Accomplishing this task involves using Query Editor in SQL Server Management Studio to carry out the following procedure.


You only configure data collection parameters once. After configuration, these parameters are used for any additional collection sets that you create.

Configure data collection parameters

  1. In SQL Server Management Studio, connect to the database where you want to create a custom collection set.

  2. In Query Editor, issue the following statements.

    USE msdb
    EXEC sp_syscollector_set_warehouse_instance_name N'INSTANCE_NAME'-- where instance name is the name of the SQL Server instance
    EXEC sp_syscollector_set_warehouse_database_name N'MDW'
    EXEC sp_syscollector_set_cache_directory N'D:\tempdata'