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Tutorial: SQL Server Management Studio

Welcome to the SQL Server Management Studio tutorial. Hosted inside Microsoft Visual Studio, Management Studio brings graphical tools for database management together with a rich development environment. Management Studio enables you to access and manage the Database Engine, Analysis Manager, and SQL Query Analyzer in one tool, together with the ability to write Transact-SQL, MDX, XMLA, and XML statements.

This tutorial will help you understand the presentation of information in Management Studio and how to take advantage of the features.

What You Will Learn

The best way to get acquainted with Management Studio is through hands-on practice. This tutorial will teach you how to manage the components of Management Studio and how to find the features that you use regularly.

This tutorial is divided into four lessons:


This tutorial is intended for users who are not familiar with Visual Studio, but who are experienced database administrators and Transact-SQL developers who are familiar with database concepts and the Transact-SQL language. It is helpful to be familiar with the SQL Server 2000 tools.

Your system must have the following installed to use this tutorial:


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