Inserts or deletes a stop word in the default full-text stoplist of the current database.


CREATE FULLTEXT STOPLIST is supported only for compatibility level 100. For compatibility levels 80 and 90, the system stoplist is always assigned to the database.

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    ADD [N] 'stopword' LANGUAGE language_term  
  | DROP 
        'stopword' LANGUAGE language_term 
      | ALL LANGUAGE language_term 
      | ALL


  • stoplist_name
    Is the name of the stoplist being altered. stoplist_name can be a maximum of 128 characters.

  • 'stopword'
    Is a string that could be a word with linguistic meaning in the specified language or a token that does not have a linguistic meaning. stopword is limited to the maximum token length (64 characters). A stopword can be specified as a Unicode string.

  • LANGUAGE language_term
    Specifies the language to associate with the stopword being added or dropped.

    language_term can be specified as a string, integer, or hexadecimal value corresponding to the locale identifier (LCID) of the language, as follows:




    language_term corresponds to the alias column value in the sys.syslanguages (Transact-SQL) compatibility view. The string must be enclosed in single quotation marks, as in 'language_term'.


    language_term is the LCID of the language.


    language_term is 0x followed by the hexadecimal value of the LCID. The hexadecimal value must not exceed eight digits, including leading zeros. If the value is in double-byte character set (DBCS) format, SQL Server converts it to Unicode.

  • ADD 'stopword' LANGUAGE language_term
    Adds a stop word to the stoplist for the language specified by LANGUAGE language_term.

    If the specified combination of keyword and the LCID value of the language is not unique in the STOPLIST, an error is returned. If the LCID value does not correspond to a registered language, an error is generated.

  • DROP { 'stopword' LANGUAGE language_term | ALL LANGUAGE language_term | ALL }
    Drops a stop word from the stop list.

    • 'stopword' LANGUAGE language_term
      Drops the specified stop word for the language specified by language_term.

    • ALL LANGUAGE language_term
      Drops all of the stop words for the language specified by language_term.

    • ALL
      Drops all of the stop words in the stoplist.




To designate a stoplist as the default stoplist of the database requires ALTER DATABASE permission. To otherwise alter a stoplist requires being the stoplist owner or membership in the db_owner or db_ddladmin fixed database roles.


The following example alters a stoplist named CombinedFunctionWordList, adding the word en, first for Spanish and then for French.

ALTER FULLTEXT STOPLIST CombinedFunctionWordList ADD 'en' LANGUAGE 'Spanish';
ALTER FULLTEXT STOPLIST CombinedFunctionWordList ADD 'en' LANGUAGE 'French';