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Fast Track Data Warehouse 2.0 Architecture

SQL Server Technical Article

Writers: Dave Salch, Eric Kraemer, Umair Waheed, Paul Dyke

Technical Reviewers: Jose Blakeley, Stuart Ozer, Eric Hanson, Mark Theissen, Mike Ruthruff

Published: November 2009

Applies to: SQL Server 2008 Enterprise

Summary: This paper defines a reference configuration model (known as Fast Track Data Warehouse) using a CPU core-balanced approach to implementing a symmetric multiprocessor (SMP)-based SQL Server data warehouse with proven performance and scalability expectations on data warehouse workloads. The goal of a Fast Track Data Warehouse reference configuration is to achieve a cost-effective balance between SQL Server data processing capability and realized component hardware throughput.

Because this paper is very long (45 pages), reading it in an online format such as the Library becomes impractical, so we offer it as a downloadable Microsoft Word document.

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