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Data Mining Extensions (DMX) Statement Reference

Working with data mining models in Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services involves the following primary tasks:

  • Creating mining structures and mining models

  • Processing mining structures and mining models

  • Deleting or dropping mining structures or mining models

  • Copying mining models

  • Browsing mining models

  • Predicting against mining models

You can use Data Mining Extensions (DMX) statements to perform each of these tasks programmatically.

You can also import and export models by using the IMPORT (DMX) and EXPORT (DMX) statements.

These tasks fall into two categories, data definition statements and data manipulation statements, which are described in the following table.



Data Mining Extensions (DMX) Data Definition Statements

Part of the data definition language (DDL). Used to define a new mining model (including training) or to drop an existing mining model from a database.

Data Mining Extensions (DMX) Data Manipulation Statements

Part of the data manipulation language (DML). Used to work with existing mining models, including browsing a model or creating predictions.