Using the Command Parameter

You can include the rs:Command parameter in a URL. The value of the parameter determines the type of request made to the report server by the client. The following table describes values that are supported by the Command parameter.

Command value



Displays the properties of a given shared data source. The properties are displayed as XML.


Renders a resource and display it in an HTML page. Using this value equates to calling the Web service GetResourceContents method directly.


Displays children of the item passed to the URL. Child items are displayed within a generic item-navigation page. Using this value equates to calling the ListChildren method.


Renders the specified report. Using this value equates to calling the Render method.


A URL can contain only one Command parameter. If a URL includes multiple Command parameters, an error is returned. If the Command parameter is specified in a URL without an accompanying value, the Command parameter is ignored.


The following example generates a generic item-navigation page that you can use to view all the child items of your Samples folder.

http://<Server Name>/reportserver?/SampleReports&rs:Command=ListChildren

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