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Using a URL to Search a Report

You can search a report for a specific set of text using URL access. To search a report, set the value of the rc:FindString parameter on the URL equal to the text for which you want to search. Additionally, use the rc:StartFind and rc:EndFind parameters to narrow your search to specific pages within the report.


The following URL access example searches for the first occurrence of the text "Mountain-400" in the Product Catalog sample report starting with page one and ending with page five:

https://server/Reportserver?/SampleReports/Product Catalog&rs:Command=Render&rc:StartFind=1&rc:EndFind=5&rc:FindString=Mountain-400

For more information about using URL access parameters, see Using URL Access Parameters. For more information about the Product Catalog sample report, see SQL Server Reporting Services Product Samples.

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