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URL Access Syntax

You can access the report server by using a URL. URL requests can contain multiple parameters that are listed in any order. Parameters are separated by an ampersand (&) and name/value pairs are separated by an equal sign (=).




  • protocol
    The protocol of the URL. For example, http:// or https://.

  • server
    The name of the computer on which the report server is running. This can include a fully qualified domain name, for example:

  • vitualroot
    The name of the virtual root of the report server.

  • ?
    The item path and parameter portion of the URL.

  • **[/**pathinfo ]
    The full path name of the item being accessed in the report server database.

  • &
    Used to separate name and value pairs of parameters.

  • prefix
    Optional. A parameter prefix (for example, rs: or rc:) that accesses a specific process running within the report server. If a parameter prefix for a parameter is not included, the parameter is processed by the report server as a report parameter.


    If you include a report parameter in a URL, do not preface the report parameter with a parameter prefix.

  • param
    The parameter name.

  • value
    URL text corresponding to the value of the parameter being used.


The following example renders a report in HTML 4.0 format.

https://servername/reportserver?/SampleReports/Employee Sales Summary&rs:Command=Render&rs:format=HTML4.0


Any space characters in the URL string are replaced with the characters "%20," according to URL encoding standards. Similarly, a space character in the parameter portion of the URL is replaced with a plus character (+), and a semicolon in any portion of the string is replaced with the characters "%3A." Browsers should automatically perform the proper URL encoding. You do not have to encode any of the characters manually.