Reporting Services Information Worker InfoCenter

Information workers create reports for personal use and perhaps for other people in an organization. Information workers hold positions in an organization that require access to information and the ability to retrieve and report on that information. An information worker is familiar with the kinds of data maintained by an organization and seeks to use this data to support other job functions.

Often, an information worker runs reports to analyze data and identify opportunities, problems, or project characteristics. Information workers might also collect and distribute information about organizational processes and resources. Job titles that map to the Reporting Services information worker role include Sales Manager, Executive Assistant, or Project Manager, to name a few.

To help you quickly get started with the Reporting Services tools and documentation, the following topics provide key information about viewing, printing, and subscribing to reports. You can also use these links to learn how to build and publish simple reports. To view additional information in the documentation, from these topics you can sync to the table of contents in SQL Server Books Online, where you will find related topics on advanced features in Reporting Services.