XML Elements (XMLA)

The following topics describe the various XML for Analysis (XMLA) element categories supported by Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

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Headers (XMLA)

Describes those elements sent in the SOAP header of a SOAP envelope, either by an application or by an Analysis Services instance, to manage protocol-level features.

Methods (XMLA)

Describes the topmost elements sent by an application in a SOAP envelope to an Analysis Services instance to retrieve data or metadata, or to perform actions on the instance.

Commands (XMLA)

Describes the elements sent within an XMLA method to perform a specific action.

Objects (XMLA)

Describes the topmost elements received by an application in a SOAP envelope from an Analysis Services instance in response to an XMLA method.

Properties (XMLA)

Describes the child elements for XMLA headers, methods, objects, or commands.

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