How to: Define the Response to an Alert (SQL Server Management Studio)

This topic describes how to define how Microsoft SQL Server responds to SQL Server Agent alerts.

To define the response to an alert

  1. In Object Explorer, expand a server group, and then expand a server.

  2. Expand SQL Server Agent.

  3. Expand Alerts.

  4. Right-click an alert, select Properties, and select the Response page.

  5. Check Execute job, and then click the Browse button (...) to select a job to execute when the alert occurs. You can create a new job by clicking New Job. You can view more information about the job by clicking View Job.

  6. Check Notify Operators box if operators will be notified of the alert. In the Operator list, select one or more of the methods for notifying the operators.

    Be sure that each operator's notification method is valid.