Change Data Capture Tables (Transact-SQL)

Change data capture enables change tracking on tables so that data manipulation language (DML) and data definition language (DDL) changes made to the tables can be incrementally loaded into a data warehouse. The topics in this section describe the system tables that store information used by change data capture operations.

In This Section

  • cdc.<capture_instance>_CT
    Returns one row for each change made to a captured column in the associated source table.

  • cdc.captured_columns
    Returns one row for each column tracked in a capture instance.

  • cdc.change_tables
    Returns one row for each change table in the database.

  • cdc.ddl_history
    Returns one row for each data definition language (DDL) change made to tables that are enabled for change data capture.

  • cdc.lsn_time_mapping
    Returns one row for each transaction having rows in a change table. This table is used to map between log sequence number (LSN) commit values and the time the transaction committed.

  • cdc.index_columns
    Returns one row for each index column associated with a change table.

  • dbo.cdc_jobs (Transact-SQL)
    Returns the configuration parameters for change data capture agent jobs.

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