SyncDirectionOrder Enumeration

Indicates the direction of synchronization. For two-way synchronizations this also includes the order in which the synchronizations are performed.

Namespace:  Microsoft.Synchronization
Assembly:  Microsoft.Synchronization (in Microsoft.Synchronization.dll)


Public Enumeration SyncDirectionOrder
Dim instance As SyncDirectionOrder
public enum SyncDirectionOrder
public enum class SyncDirectionOrder
type SyncDirectionOrder
public enum SyncDirectionOrder


Member name Description
UploadAndDownload Upload followed by download.
DownloadAndUpload Download followed by upload.
Upload Upload only.
Download Download only.


The direction is combined with the relative positions of the synchronization providers to determine the flow of changes during synchronization. Upload means changes originate from the local provider and are applied to the remote provider. Download means changes originate from the remote provider and are applied to the local provider.

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