OData Source Editor (Connection Page)

Use the Connection page of the OData Source Editor dialog box to select the OData connection manager for the OData source. This page also lets you specify a collection or a resource path and any query options to indicate what data needs to be retrieved from the OData source. To learn more about the OData source, see OData Source.

Static Options

  • OData connection manager
    Select an existing connection manager from the list, or create a new connection by clicking New.

  • New
    Create a new connection manager by using the OData Connection Manager Editor dialog box.

  • Use collection or resource path
    Specify the method for selecting data from the source.




    Retrieve data from the OData source by using a collection name.

    Resource Path

    Retrieve data from the OData source by using a resource path.

  • Query options
    Specify options for the query. For example: $top=5

  • Feed url
    Displays the read-only Feed URL based on options you selected on this dialog box.

  • Preview
    Preview results by using the Preview dialog box. Preview can display up to 20 rows.

Dynamic Options

Use collection or resource path = Collection

  • Collection
    Select a collection from the drop-down list.

Use collection or resource path = Resource Path

  • Resource path
    Type a resource path. For example: Employees

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