OData Source Properties

When you right-click OData Source in the data flow and click Properties, you will see properties for the OData Source component in the Properties window.




Name of the collection you wish to retrieve from the OData service. The CollectionName property is used when UseResourcePath is False.

This property is expression-able, allowing the value to be set at runtime. However, if the metadata of the collection does not match the metadata that was used at design time, a validation error will occur, causing the data flow execution to fail.


This value specifies default length for string columns that have no max length.

Default: 4000


The OData query parameters. This property is expression-able and can be set at runtime.


Use this property when you need to specify a full resource path, rather than just selecting a collection name. This property is used when UseResourcePath is True.


When set to True, the ResourcePath value is appended to the base URL to determine the OData feed location. When set to False, the CollectionName value is used.

Default: False

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