How to Cluster SQL Server Analysis Services

Summary: One approach for meeting your organization’s high availability requirements for Analysis Services is to install it on a Windows Server failover cluster (WSFC). A WSFC is composed of multiple servers that offer redundancy in the event of a hardware failure, system crash, or some other service disruption. A WSFC can offer protection of your mission critical backend servers, including the Analysis Services instances running your BI workloads.

Authors: Allan Hirt, Cluster MVP (SQLHA)

Technical Reviewers: Gert Christen, Jason Howell, Kay Unkroth

Technical Editor: Heidi Steen

Published: April 2014

Applies to: Analysis Services in SQL Server 2012 or SQL Server 2014, Multidimensional and Tabular modes


To review the document, please download the How to Cluster SQL Server Analysis Services Word document.

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