catalog.move_project ((SSISDB Database)

Moves a project from one folder to another within the Integration Services catalog.


move_project [ @source_folder = ] source_folder
    , [ @project_name = ] project_name
    , [ @destination_folder = ] destination_folder


  • [ @source\_folder = ] source_folder
    The name of the source folder, where the project resides before the move. The source_folder is nvarchar(128).

  • [ @project\_name = ] project_name
    The name of the project that is to be moved. The project_name is nvarchar(128).

  • [ @destination\_folder = ] destination_folder
    The name of the destionation folder, where the project resides after the move. The destination_folder is nvarchar(128).

Return Code Value

0 (success)

Result Sets



This stored procedure requires one of the following permissions:

  • READ and MODIFY permissions on the project that you want to move and CREATE_OBJECTS permission on the destination folder

  • Membership to the ssis_admin database role

  • Membership to the sysadmin server role

Errors and Warnings

The following list describes some conditions that may cause this stored procedure to raise an error:

  • The project does not exist

  • The source folder does not exist

  • The destination folder does not exist or the destination folder already contains a project with the same name

  • The user does not have the appropriate permissions


When a project is moved from a source folder to a destination folder, the project in the source folder and corresponding environment references are deleted. In the destination folder, an identical project and environment references are created. Relative environment references will resolve to a different folder after the move. Absolute references will resolve to the same folder after the move.


A project can have relative or absolute environment references. Relative references refer to the environment by name, and these references require that the environment reside in the same folder as the project. Absolute references refer to the environment by name and folder, and these references refer to environments that reside in a different folder from that of the project.