Cancel Option (Distributed Replay Administration Tool)

The Microsoft SQL Server Distributed Replay administration tool, DReplay.exe, is a command-line tool that you can use to communicate with the distributed replay controller. This topic describes the cancel command-line option and corresponding syntax.

The cancel option cancels the current operation that is running on the controller.

Topic link icon For more information about the syntax conventions that are used with the administration tool syntax, see Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions (Transact-SQL).


dreplay cancel [-m controller] [-q] 


  • -m controller
    The computer name of the controller. You can use "localhost" or "." to refer to the local computer.

    If the -m parameter is not specified, the local computer is used.

  • -q
    Quiet mode. Does not prompt for confirmation.

    The -q parameter is optional.


In the following example, a cancel request is submitted in quiet mode. The value localhost indicates that the controller service is running on the same computer as the administration tool.

dreplay cancel –m localhost -q


You must run the administration tool as an interactive user, as either a local user or a domain user account. To use a local user account, the administration tool and controller must be running on the same computer.

For more information, see Distributed Replay Security.

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