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Import Data from a File

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In PowerPivot for Excel, you can import data from Microsoft Excel files and text files by using the Table Import Wizard. The wizard is available in the PowerPivot window, on the Home tab, in the Get External Data group.


In Windows Vista and Windows 7, features in the PowerPivot window are available on a ribbon, which is discussed in this topic. In Windows XP, features are available from a set of menus. If you are using Windows XP and want to see how the menu commands relate to the ribbon commands, see The PowerPivot UI in Windows XP.

The following table describes how to access the Table Import Wizard from the Get External Data group. Complete the steps in the wizard to connect to an Excel file or a text file and import data. In some cases, data can be imported more easily from an Excel file than a text file. If you encounter issues importing a text file, copy the data into Excel and import the Excel file instead.

Data source

Table Import Wizard access

Excel file

Click From Other Sources, and in the Connect to a Data Source page of the Table Import Wizard, click Excel File.

Text file

Click From Text.

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