Upgrade PowerPivot for Excel

This topic explains how to use the newest version of PowerPivot for Excel on a computer that has an earlier version installed. To learn more about new features, see What’s New (PowerPivot for Excel).

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Upgrading PowerPivot for Excel

Upgrading PowerPivot for Excel

Using the newest features requires that you first uninstall the previous version, and then install the current version. PowerPivot for Excel cannot be upgraded using a Setup program. Furthermore, you cannot use an older and newer version of the add-in on the same computer.

  1. In Control Panel, in Programs, click Uninstall a program. Select Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel, and then click Uninstall.

  2. Go to the download site that provides the installation software for the SQL Server 2012 version of the add-in and run the setup program that installs the add-in.

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