Progress Page (AlwaysOn Availability Group Wizards)

Use this dialog box to view the progress of a AlwaysOn Availability Groups wizard that you are running in SQL Server 2012. The progress bar indicates the relative progress of the steps that the wizard is performing.

  • More details
    Click the down arrow to display a progress grid that lists any completed steps, in order, followed by the current in-progress operation. The grid contains the following columns:

    • Name
      Displays a phrase that describes a specific step.

    • Status
      Indicates the outcome of completed steps and the percentage of completion of the current step, as follows:




    Indicates the operation for this step experienced an error. Click the link to display a message dialog box that describes the error.

    In Progress (percentage-completed)

    Indicates that the operation is occurring now and estimates the percentage of this step that has completed.


    Indicates the operation for this step completed successfully.

  • Fewer Details
    Click to hide the progress grid.

  • Cancel
    Click to skip any remaining operations and then exit the wizard.

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