PowerPivot Window: Diagram View

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This topic provides Help on the Diagram View in the PowerPivot window. For an overview of the user interface and instructions on how to open the PowerPivot window, see Take a Tour of the PowerPivot UI. The Diagram View enables you to view tables in a visually organized way and to easily add and change relationships and hierarchies.

To display Diagram View, on the Home tab of the PowerPivot window, click Diagram View in the View area.

In the toolbar on the top of Diagram View, you can filter by perspective, reset your layout, choose what elements to display, navigate the Minimap of your diagram, zoom, fit your diagram to your screen, and jump back to the 100% zoom level (Original Size). You can also scroll through Diagram View.

To sort by a perspective

  1. In the Select perspective list, select a perspective to filter with. Only the columns from the selected perspective are displayed in Diagram View.

  2. To see all the tables and columns again, in the Select perspective list, select <Default>.

To reset the layout

  1. To reset the layout back to what it was originally, click Reset Layout.

  2. Click Reset Layout in the confirmation dialog box.

To choose what elements to display

  • Uncheck Columns to hide the columns.

  • Uncheck Measures to hide the measures.

  • Uncheck Hierarchies to hide the measures.

  • Uncheck KPIs to hide the measures.

To navigate the Minimap of your diagram

  1. Click the Open Minimap button or zoom percentage number (when the tooltip displays Open Minimap). The Minimap opens below the button.

  2. Drag the rectangular lens to navigate the Minimap.

  3. To close the Minimap, click above the Minimap (when the tooltip displays Close Minimap).

To zoom

  • Drag the zoom control to the left of the zoom percentage number.

To fit your diagram to the screen

  • Click the Fit to Screen button. Diagram View displays the entire diagram on the screen.

To return back to the 100% zoom level

  • Click the Original Size button. Diagram View returns to the original zoom level.

To scroll in Diagram View

  • When the diagram does not fit on the screen, drag the vertical scrollbar up or down and drag the horizontal scrollbar left or right.

  • Or, when pointing to the diagram background, rotate the mouse wheel forward or backward.

Tables in Diagram View

In Diagram View, you can move a table.

To move a table

  • Drag the header of a table.

To resize a table

  • Drag a border of a table.

To scroll a table

  • If the columns do not fit on the table, drag the table’s vertical scrollbar up or down.

  • Or, when pointing to the table, rotate the mouse wheel forward or backward.

To create a hierarchy in a table

To maximize a table’s size

  1. Point to the table’s header, and then click the Maximize button. The table size fills the Diagram View canvas, and the other tables appear lighter and out of focus.

  2. To restore the table to its previous size and to navigate the rest of Diagram View, you must click the Restore button.

To create a relationship

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