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Resource Governor Workload Group

In the SQL Server Resource Governor, a workload group serves as a container for session requests that have similar classification criteria. A workload allows for aggregate monitoring of the sessions, and defines policies for the sessions. Each workload group is in a resource pool, which represents a subset of the physical resources of an instance of the Database Engine. When a session is started, the Resource Governor classifier assigns the session to a specific workload group, and the session must run using the policies assigned to the workload group and the resources defined for the resource pool.

Workload Group Concepts

A workload group serves as a container for session requests that are similar according to the classification criteria that are applied to each request. A workload group allows the aggregate monitoring of resource consumption and the application of a uniform policy to all the requests in the group. A group defines the policies for its members.


User-defined workload groups can be moved from one resource pool to another.

Resource Governor predefines two workload groups: the internal group and the default group. A user cannot change anything classified as an internal group, but can monitor it. Requests are classified into the default group when the following conditions exist:

  • There are no criteria to classify a request.

  • There is an attempt to classify the request into a non-existent group.

  • There is a general classification failure.

Resource Governor also provides DDL statements for creating, changing, and dropping workload groups.

Workload Group Tasks

Task Description


Describes how to create a workload group.

Create a Workload Group

Describes how to change workload group settings.

Change Workload Group Settings

Describes how to delete a workload group.

Delete a Workload Group

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