View Replicated Commands and Other Information in the Distribution Database (Replication Transact-SQL Programming)

When using transactional replication, transaction commands are stored in the distribution database until the Distribution Agent propagates them to all Subscribers or a Distribution Agent at the Subscriber pulls the changes. These pending commands in the distribution database can be viewed programmatically using replication stored procedures. For more information, see Replication Stored Procedures (Transact-SQL).

To view replicated commands from all transactional publications in the distribution database

To view replicated commands in the distribution database from a specific article or from a specific database published using transactional replication

  1. (Optional) At the Publisher on the publication database, execute sp_helparticle. Specify @publication and @article. Note the value of article id in the result set.

  2. At the Distributor on the distribution database, execute sp_browsereplcmds. (Optional) Specify the article ID from step 2 for @article_id. (Optional) Specify the ID of the publication database for @publisher_database_id, which can be obtained from the database_id column in the sys.databases catalog view.

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