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Use SQL Server Profiler to Monitor Analysis Services

SQL Server Profiler tracks engine process events, such as the start of a batch or a transaction, and it captures data about those events, thus enabling you to monitor server and database activity (for example, user queries or login activity). You can capture SQL Server Profiler data to a SQL Server table or a file for later analysis, and you can also replay the events captured on the same or another Analysis Services instance to see exactly what happened. You can replay events in real time or on a step-by-step basis. It is also very useful to run the trace events along with the Performance counters on the same machine. The profiler can correlate these two based on time and display them together along a single timeline. Trace events will give you more details while Performance counters give you an aggregate view. For information about how to create and run traces, see Create Profiler Traces for Replay (Analysis Services).

The following table describes the topics in this section.

In This Section



Introduction to Monitoring Analysis Services with SQL Server Profiler

Describes how to use SQL Server Profiler to monitor an Analysis Services instance.

Create Profiler Traces for Replay (Analysis Services)

Describes the requirements for creating a trace for replay by using SQL Server Profiler.

Analysis Services Trace Events

Describes Analysis Services event classes. These event classes map to actions generated by Analysis Services and are used for trace replays.

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