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Actions in Multidimensional Models

An action is an end user-initiated operation upon a selected cube or portion of a cube. The operation can start an application with the selected item as a parameter, or it can retrieve information about the selected item. For more information about actions, see Actions (Analysis Services - Multidimensional Data).

Use the Actions tab of Cube Designer to build actions for a cube. Specify the following:

  • Name
    Select a name that identifies the action.

  • Action Target
    Select the object to which the action is attached. Generally, in client applications, the action is displayed when end users select the target object; however, the client application determines which end-user operation displays actions. For Target type, select from the following objects:

    • Attribute members

    • Cells

    • Cube

    • Dimension members

    • Hierarchy

    • Hierarchy members

    • Level

    • Level members

    After you select the target object type, under Target object, select the cube object of the designated type.

  • Condition (Optional)
    Specify an optional Multidimensional Expressions (MDX) expression that resolves to a Boolean value. If the value is True, the action is performed on the specified target. If the value is False, the action is not performed.

  • Action Content
    Select the type of action. The following table summarizes the available types.



    Data Set

    Retrieves a dataset.


    Performs an operation by using an interface other than those listed in this table.

    Row Set

    Retrieves a rowset.


    Runs an OLE DB command.


    Displays a variable page in an Internet browser.

    For Action Expression, specify the parameters that are passed when the action is run. The syntax must evaluate to a string, and you must include an expression written in MDX. For example, your MDX expression can indicate a part of the cube that is included in the syntax. MDX expressions are evaluated before the parameters are passed. Also, MDX Builder is available to help you build MDX expressions.

  • Additional Properties
    Select the property. The following table summarizes the available properties.




    Specifies how the action is run. Interactive, the default, specifies that the action is run when a user accesses an object. The possible settings are:

    • Batch

    • Interactive

    • On Open


    Describes the application of the action.


    Describes the action.


    Provides a caption that is displayed for the action. If the caption is MDX, specify True for Caption is MDX.

    Caption is MDX

    Specify True if the caption is MDX or False if it is not.


You must use Analysis Services Scripting Language (ASSL) or Analysis Management Objects (AMO) to define HTML and Command Line action types. For more information, see Action Element (ASSL), Type Element (Action) (ASSL), and Programming AMO OLAP Advanced Objects.

Creating a Reporting Action

The report server responds to URL-based requests for reports. To create a reporting action, on the Cube menu, click New Reporting Action. The following options are specific to a reporting action.

  • Report Server
    The properties described in the following table are specified for the report server.



    Server name

    The name of the computer running report server.

    Server path

    The path exposed by report server.

    Report format

    HTML5, HTML3, Excel, or PDF.

  • Parameters (Optional)
    The parameters are sent to the server as part of the URL string when the action is created. They include Parameter Name and Parameter Value, which is an MDX expression.

The report server URL is constructed as follows:

        & ...

For example:


Creating a Drillthrough Action

A drillthrough action is defined by a rowset action, which is returned to the client application as a drillthrough statement. The action target is a member of a measure group. To create a new drillthrough action, on the Cube menu, click New Drillthrough Action. The following options are specific to a drillthrough action:

  • Drillthrough Columns
    Select one or more dimensions and, for each dimension, the drillthrough columns returned to the client application by the action.

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