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Data Source Properties Dialog Box, General

Select General on the Data Source Properties dialog box to display and modify connection information for a data source in the report.


  • Name
    Type the name of the data source. The data source name must be unique within the report. By default, a general name, such as DataSource1 or DataSource2, is assigned to the data source.

  • Embedded connection
    Select this option when you do not want to use a shared data source.

  • Type
    Select a data processing extension. The list displays all registered extensions.

  • Connection string
    Enter a connection string for the data source. Click Edit to build the connection string using the Connection Properties dialog box. Click the Expressions (fx) button to edit the expression.

  • Use shared data source reference
    Select this option to link to a shared data source. Select a shared data source from the drop-down list. To edit the selected data source, click Edit. If Use shared data source reference is selected, Type and Connection string are disabled.

  • Use a single transaction when processing the queries
    Select this option to indicate that datasets that use this data source are run in a single transaction against the database. To include transactions for subreports that use the same data source, set MergeTransactions to True in the subreport's Other properties section of the Properties pane.

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