Replication Views (Transact-SQL)

These views contain information that is used by replication in Microsoft SQL Server. The views enable easier access to data in replication system tables. Views are created in a user database when that database is enabled as a publication or subscription database. All replication objects are removed from user databases when the database is removed from a replication topology. The preferred method for accessing replication metadata is by using Replication Stored Procedures.


System views should not be altered directly by any user.

Replication Views

The following is a list of the system views used by replication, grouped by database.

Replication Views in the msdb Database

MSdatatype_mappings (Transact-SQL)

sysdatatypemappings (Transact-SQL)

Replication Views in the Distribution Database

IHextendedArticleView (Transact-SQL)

sysarticles (System View) (Transact-SQL)

IHextendedSubscriptionView (Transact-SQL)

sysextendedarticlesview (Transact-SQL)

IHsyscolumns (Transact-SQL)

syspublications (System View) (Transact-SQL)

MSdistribution_status (Transact-SQL)

syssubscriptions (System View) (Transact-SQL)

sysarticlecolumns (System View) (Transact-SQL)


Replication Views in the Publication Database

sysmergeextendedarticlesview (Transact-SQL)

sysmergepartitioninfoview (Transact-SQL)

systranschemas (Transact-SQL)


Replication Views in the Subscription Database

sysmergeextendedarticlesview (Transact-SQL)

sysmergepartitioninfoview (Transact-SQL)

systranschemas (Transact-SQL)


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