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New Full-Text Stoplist (General Page)


Applies To: SQL Server 2016

Use this dialog box to create a full-text stoplist. A stoplist is a set of commonly used words, called stopwords, that are omitted from full-text indexing for tables that use the stoplist. For more information, see Configure and Manage Stopwords and Stoplists for Full-Text Search.

To use SQL Server Management Studio to create a stoplist


Full-text stoplist name
Enter the name of the full-text stoplist.

Specify the owner of the full-text stoplist. If you want ownership to be assigned to yourself, that is, to the current user, leave this field empty.

To specify a different user, click the browse button.

Create stoplist options

Click one of the following create options:

Create an empty stoplist
The new stoplist will not contain any stopwords.

Create from the system stoplist
The new stoplist is created from the stoplist that exists by default in the Resource database.

Create from an existing full-text stoplist
The new stoplist is created by copying an existing stoplist.

Source database
Specifies the name of the database to which the existing stoplist belongs. The current database is selected by default. Optionally, select a different database from the list box.

Source stoplist
Specifies the name of an existing stoplist. From the list of available stoplists, select the one to use as the source. The available stoplists are listed in the order in which they appear in Object Explorer.

If any languages specified in the stop words of the source stoplist are not registered in the current database, CREATE FULLTEXT STOPLIST succeeds, but warning(s) are returned and the corresponding stop words are not added.

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