Choosing a StreamInsight Edition

This topic provides guidance to help you choose the appropriate edition of StreamInsight to meet your complex event processing application requirements. There are two factors to consider :

  • Event rate — The number of events that must be processed per second.

  • Latency tolerance — The amount of time within which the events must be consumed in order to produce the desired output.

StreamInsight is designed to handle a wide variety of event-driven scenarios and is available in two editions: Premium and Standard.

We recommend the Premium edition for applications that require an event rate that exceeds 5000 events per second or has a latency tolerance requirement that is less than five seconds. We recommend the Standard edition for applications that have an event rate requirement less than 5000 events per seconds and/or a latency tolerance requirement in excess of five seconds.

The following table lists the SQL Server 2008 R2 editions in which the Standard and Premium editions of StreamInsight are available. 

StreamInsight editions

Available in these Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 editions









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