How to Encrypt Data in a Protection Group

Applies To: System Center Data Protection Manager 2007

One of the benefits of storing backups on tape is portability. However, if the tapes get in the wrong hands, data security could be compromised. DPM supports encrypting data on tape for long-term protection. The following procedure shows you how to encrypt data that will be backed up on tape.

To encrypt data in a protection group

  1. In DPM Administrator Console, click Protection on the navigation bar.

  2. On the Actions menu, click Create protection group. This starts the Create New Protection Group Wizard.

  3. On the Welcome to the New Protection Group Wizard, click Next.


    You can choose not to display the Welcome screen by selecting the Do not show this Welcome page again check box.

  4. Select the members of the protection group by selecting the check boxes in the Available members pane, and then click Next.

  5. Select the data protection method and click Next.

  6. Select short-term goals for the protection group, and click Next.

  7. Review the storage pool disk space allocated for this protection group. You can also modify the size of the replica volume and recovery point volume by clicking Modify.

  8. Specify long-term goals and a backup schedule for the protection group, and click Next.

  9. On the Select Tape and Library Details page, specify details about the tape and library that you would like to use for backup.

  10. In the Tape options for long-term protection pane, click Encrypt data.


    A valid encryption certificate must be available on the DPM server to support this long-term protection option.

  11. Click Next.

  12. Choose a replica creation method for the protection group, and click Next.

  13. On the Summary page, click Optimize performance to optimize performance for the protection group, then click Create Group.


    If you want to encrypt data in a protection group that has already been created, in DPM Administrator Console, on the navigation bar, click Protection. Select a protection group. Then, on the Actions menu, click Modify protection group. Follow the Modify Protection Group Wizard, and on the Select Tape and Library Details page, click Encrypt data.

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