Unsupported Data Types

Applies To: System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

If a protected data source contains an unsupported data type, DPM continues to protect the supported data types in the affected data source, but it does not protect the unsupported data.

If DPM detects any of the following unsupported data types in a protected data source, the affected data is not protected:

  • Hard links

  • Reparse points, including DFS links and junction points


    A protection group can contain data with mount points. When mount points are included in a protection group, DPM protects the mounted volume that is the target of the mount point, but it does not protect the mount point metadata. When you recover data that contains mount points, you must manually re-create your mount point hierarchy. DPM does not support protection of mounted volumes within mounted volumes.

  • Recycle Bin

  • Paging files

  • System Volume Information folder


    The System Volume Information folder cannot be protected as a file data source. To protect system information for a computer, you must select the computer's system state as the protection group member in the Create New Protection Group Wizard.

  • Volumes that are not formatted with NTFS

If a file contains hard links or symbolic links from Windows Vista, DPM cannot replicate or recover the files.

DPM cannot protect files that have any of the following combinations of file attributes:

  • Encryption and reparse

  • Encryption and Single Instance Storage (SIS)

  • Encryption and case sensitivity

  • Encryption and sparse

  • Case sensitivity and SIS

  • Sparse and reparse

  • Compression and SIS

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