Removing a Protected Computer

Applies To: System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

If you don’t want to continue protection of a protected computer, you can remove the protected computer from DPM by using the Remove-ProductionServer.ps1. This will not uninstall the DPM protection agent from protected computer. You must uninstall the agent manually.

Running this script will remove the protected computer from the DPM database (DPMDB) and from the trusted groups DCOMTrustedMachines and DPMRADMTrustedMachines


Syntax: Remove-ProductionServer.ps1 -DPMServername [DPMServerName] -PSName [ProtectedComputerName]

Parameter Description


Name of the DPM server.


Name of the protected computer that must be removed.

If the computer was protected using FQDN or NETBIOS name, you must use that name to here.


There should be no actively protected data sources on the computer you are trying to remove.