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Setting Up BMR Protection

Applies To: System Center Data Protection Manager 2010

In DPM, BMR protection covers protection for operating system files (System State) and critical volumes (excluding user data).


If your application is installed on a critical volume, you will also be able to restore the application as part of BMR. However, application data is not backed up as part of BMR.

You can set up BMR protection for a computer by using the Create New Protection Group Wizard. You can select BMR protection from under the System Protection node on the Select Group Members page of the wizard.

Space Requirements

Unlike System State protection, DPM does not have any space requirements on the protected computer for BMR protection. WSB directly transfers the backups to the DPM server.


DPM will not show you the progress of this job in the Jobs view.

DPM reserves 30 GB of space on the replica volume for BMR. You can change this by using the Disk Allocation page in the Modify Protection Group Wizard or the Get-DatasourceDiskAllocation and Set-DatasourceDiskAllocation cmdlets.

On the recovery point volume, BMR protection requires about 6 GB for retention of five days.


DPM does not calculate the size of BMR data source, but assumes 30 GB for all servers. Admins should change the value as per the size of BMR backups expected on their environments.

Size of BMR backup can be roughly calculated sum of used space on all critical volumes.

Critical volumes = Boot Volume + System Volume + Volume hosting system state data such as AD DIT/log volumes.

Setting Up BMR Protection

  1. Install the DPM protection agent on the computer you want to protect. You need to do this only if the protection agent is not already installed on the computer.

  2. Using the Create New Protection Group Wizard, add the computer you want to protect to a protection group. BMR will appear as a data source under the System Protection node.

When you select BMR, System State gets selected automatically because BMR backup also protects System State for the computer.


When you stop protection for BMR, System State protection is not stopped automatically. You must specifically clear the System State check box to stop System State protection.

Things to Remember

  • You cannot protect BMR and System State for the same computer on different protection groups.

  • You cannot reduce the replica volume size to less than 15 GB.

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