Applies To: System Center 2012 - Operations Manager, System Center 2012 R2 Operations Manager, System Center 2012 SP1 - Operations Manager

Represents a probe action module type definition in a management pack.

Schema Hierarchy



<ProbeActionModuleType ID=”Company.Product.ProbeActionModuleTypeID” Comment=”Comment” Accessibility=”Public/Internal” RunAs=”SecureReferenceID” Batching=”True/False” PassThrough=”True/False”>
</ProbeActionModuleType >

Attributes and Elements

The following sections describe attributes, child elements, and the parent element of the ProbeActionModuleType element.


Attribute Description


Required attribute. Represents the identity of the element. To learn how to identify your element in a management pack, see Element Identity and Namespace Conventions.


Optional attribute. Represents commentary by the management pack author.


Required attribute. Defines the visibility of the module type definition.


Optional attribute. Refers to a SecureReference type ID. All instances of this module type definition will run under the credentials set for the SecureReference ID. When not specified, the module will run under the default action account.


Optional attribute. Indicates whether or not the module type can accept a batch of input data at one time. Not relevant for composite module types. Default value is false.


Optional attribute. Indicates whether or not the module changes the input data in some way. Default value is false.

Accessibility Attribute Values

Value Description


Indicates that the module type definition is visible to external management packs.


Indicates that the module type definition is not visible to external management packs.

Child Elements

Element Description

Configuration (ProbeActionModuleType)

Required element. Represents the parameters for a monitor or module type definition in XSD schema.

OverrideableParameters (ProbeActionModuleType)

Optional element. Contains any overrideable configuration parameters in a monitor or module type definition.

ModuleImplementation (ProbeActionModuleType)

Required element. Defines the implementation type for native or managed module type definitions and defines the composite elements for composite module type definitions.

InputType (ProbeActionModuleType)

Required element. Defines the output data type of a module type definition.

OutputType (DataSourceModuleType)

If the TriggerOnly element is set to false, OutputType (DataSourceModuleType) is a required element; otherwise, it must not be defined. Defines the input data type of the of a module type definition.


Required element when set to true. Specifies whether the input data is used by the module or is just serving as a trigger to run the module. Trigger-only modules do not define an InputType element.

Parent Elements

Element Description


Contains module type definitions in a management pack.


ProbeActionModuleType definitions specify a single input and a single output. However, if the probe action module type’s TriggerOnly element is set to true, the OutputType (DataSourceModuleType) element must not be defined.

All composite module types define one internal workflow. That workflow is composed of module type implementations. In the case of the probe action module type definition, only the following types of module implementations are expected: the ProbeAction (ProbeActionModuleType) module and the ConditionDetection (ProbeActionModuleType) module. For more information, see MemberModules (ProbeActionModuleType).


The following sample shows a ProbeActionModuleType definition that runs a query over WMI to retrieve a filtered list of all installed Win32 products on a computer. The computer is specified through a parameter called ComputerName. The ProductCode parameter allows the condition detection module to filter the results by product code. Because this module is defined as being trigger-only, it expects that, when placed within an external workflow, it will be triggered by a DataSource (DataSourceModuleType) scheduler or event trigger module.

The output data of the probe action module type is defined as a System.PropertyBagData data type. System.PropertyBagData is the data type that is returned by the internal Microsoft.Windows.WmiTriggerProbe probe module. The System.ExpressionFilter condition detection module always returns the same data type as its input data type, not because it is a condition detection module but because it is a filtering condition detection module.

<ProbeActionModuleType ID="Microsoft.Windows.ProductInstallationProbe" Accessibility="Public">
    <xsd:element name="ComputerName" type="xsd:string" />
    <xsd:element name="ProductCode" type="xsd:string" />
    <OverrideableParameter ID="ComputerName" ParameterType="string" Selector="$Config/ComputerName$" />
    <OverrideableParameter ID="ProductCode" ParameterType="string" Selector="$Config/ProductCode$" />
        <ProbeAction ID="WmiProbe" TypeID="Microsoft.Windows.WmiTriggerProbe">
          <Query>SELECT * FROM Win32_Product</Query>
        <ConditionDetection ID="FilterOnProductCode" TypeID="System!System.ExpressionFilter">
                <XPathQuery Type="String">Property[@Name='IdentifyingNumber']</XPathQuery>
                <Value Type="String">$Config/ProductCode$</Value>
        <Node ID="FilterOnProductCode">
          <Node ID="WmiProbe" />

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