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Computers Pane in Essentials

Applies To: System Center Essentials 2010

The Computers navigation button displays the Computers Overview pane, which contains information about the computers that System Center Essentials 2010 manages, and provides access to related tasks.

After installing Essentials 2010, if you did not complete the initial tasks for discovering objects to manage and for configuring Update Management, the Computers Overview pane displays a message prompting you to complete those tasks before using Essentials 2010.

When you click Computers, you can view the following information:

  • A list of default and customized computer groups that can be used for software deployment and update management.

  • A list of the members of each computer group.

  • A list of virtual machines.

  • A list of performance and resource optimization (PRO) tips that you can implement for virtual machines.

  • A list of virtualization jobs that have been or are scheduled to run on virtual machines.

  • Installed software for a selected computer.

  • Update compliance for a selected computer.

  • Disk space usage and other hardware inventory information for a selected computer.

  • Performance monitoring information for a selected computer.

  • Alerts for a selected computer.

  • Tasks you can perform on a selected computer or on selected computer groups.

  • Reports.

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