Stop Maintenance Mode

Applies To: Opalis 6.3

The Stop Maintenance Mode object takes a monitor out of maintenance mode. If you put a monitor into maintenance mode using the Configuring the Start Maintenance Mode Object, you can use the Stop Maintenance Mode object to put that monitor back in service before the configured duration has elapsed.

For the procedure to configure this object, see: Configuring the Stop Maintenance Mode Object.

The following tables list the properties and published data for this object. The object publishes all of the data from the required and optional properties into published data.

Stop Maintenance Mode Properties

Element Description Valid Values Look up


The System Center Operations Manager connection that this object will use




The name of the monitor that is being taken out of maintenance mode



Start Maintenance Mode Published Data

Name Description


The connection string to the System Center Operations Manager server for this object


The domain that the alert came from


The full name of the System Center Operations Manager monitoring object


The name of the System Center Operations Manager server


The stop time of maintenance mode


The user name that was used to access the System Center Operations Manager server

Configuring the Stop Maintenance Mode Object

To configure the Stop Maintenance Mode object

  1. From the Objects pane, drag a Stop Maintenance Mode object to the active policy.

  2. Double-click the Stop Maintenance Mode object icon. The Properties dialog opens.

  3. Configure the settings in the Details tab:

    1. In the Server section, click the ellipsis button (...), and select the Operations Manager server Connection that you want to use for this object. Click OK.

    2. In the Details section, enter the name of the Monitor that you want to take out of maintenance mode, or you can click the ellipsis (…) button next to the text box to browse for the monitor.

      You can also use published data to automatically populate the value of the property from the data output by a previous object in the workflow.

      To use published data

      1. Right-click the property value box, click Subscribe, and then click Published Data.

      2. Click the Object drop-down box and select the object from which you want to obtain the data.

      3. To view additional data elements common across the policy, select Show Common Published Data.

      4. Click the published data element you want to use, and then click OK.

        For a list of the data elements published by each object, see the Published Data tables in the object topic. For information about the Common Published Data items, see the "Policy Workflow Rules" chapter of the Opalis Integration Server Client User Guide (

  4. For information about the settings on the General and Run Behavior tabs, see Common Configuration Instructions for All Objects.

  5. Click Finish.

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