Print Server Management Pack Guide

The Print Server Management Pack applies to Print Servers deployed to computers running Microsoft Windows 2000 and Microsoft Windows 2003.

Print Servers provide and manage access to printers.

The Print Server Management Pack monitors the health of Print Servers and provides details about the status of Print Servers shared printers. It includes a rich set of views, tasks, and reports, and it provides monitoring for the following core areas and scenarios:

  • Print Server service availability

  • Shared printer health status

  • Repetitive printing failures

The Print Server Management Pack allows you to proactively manage Print Servers and avoid costly service outages caused by Print Servers and by printers that are not working properly.

The Print Server Management Pack detects and alerts on problems with performance, health, and availability. It can automatically respond to critical events and performance indicators. In some cases, it can identify issues before they become critical, thus providing you with a level of responsiveness that increases the overall availability and performance of your Windows operating systems. As a result, the Print Server Management Pack reduces the cost of ownership by enabling proactive management and by reducing resolution times for the issues identified.

This guide corresponds to version 05.0.3000.0000 of the Print Server Management Pack. After importing the Management Pack, check the version to ensure that it is correct.

To view the version of the installed Management Pack

  1. In the Administrator console, expand Management Packs and then expand Rule Groups.

  2. Right-click Microsoft Windows Print Server (enabled), and then select Properties.

  3. On the General tab, in the Rule Group Properties dialog box, the Version field displays the version number.

For more information, and to download MOM Management Packs, visit the MOM Management Pack Catalog Web site.

Print Server A server on which Print Services is running to provide and manage access to printers.

Shared printer A printer attached to a Print Server and which can accept print jobs sent by remote clients.


For the Print Server Management Pack to operate optimally, the following requirements must be met:

  • Each Print Server must be a MOM managed computer.

  • Any specific Print Server requirements must be met.