AdtAdmin.exe /SetQuery

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2, Operations Manager 2007 SP1

An ACS collector can use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) Query Language (WQL) queries as filters to limit the events that are stored in the ACS database. The /SetQuery parameter implements the filter before events are saved to the ACS database. For more information on WQL and WQL queries, see Querying with WQL at


Because ACS supports only event queries, it does not support WQL aggregation operators.


AdtAdmin.exe /SetQuery [/Collector:CollectorName] /Query:QuerySyntax

Subparameter Definition

/Collector: CollectorName

Specifies an ACS collector to query. If this subparameter is omitted, the local ACS collector is assumed.

/Query: QuerySyntax

Specifies the query syntax that defines the filter to apply.


This example uses the /SetQuery parameter to define a WQL query that filters out specified events. When applied, this query filters out events generated by System, Local Service, and Network Service services, and it also filters events that have specified event ID numbers.

adtadmin /setquery /collector:"Collector Name" /query:"SELECT * FROM AdtsEvent WHERE NOT ((HeaderUser='SYSTEM' OR HeaderUser='LOCAL SERVICE' OR HeaderUser='NETWORK SERVICE') OR (EventId=538 OR EventId=566 OR EventId=672 OR EventId=680) OR (EventId>=541 AND EventId<=547))"

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