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Monitoring Distributed Applications

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2, Operations Manager 2007 SP1

The Distributed Application Designer enables you to define the component groups that constitute your distributed application so that Operations Manager 2007 can create the monitors and rules that you need to monitor the application. It also facilitates access to views and reports, scoped to the appropriate locations.

You use the Distributed Application Designer to create your distributed application. The following steps describe the process in general.

  1. Define the basic settings of the distributed application, including the name, description, template, and the Management Pack the distributed application is saved to.

  2. Add the individual component groups that are included in your distributed application, create the relationships between them, and add object instances to the component groups.

  3. Configure existing component groups to accept instances of specific object types.

  4. Save the distributed application to a Management Pack, as a template, or as a distributed application definition.

The following topics provide detailed information about defining and monitoring distributed applications:

Available Templates

The purpose of a template is to select the object types that your distributed application service contains. Three distributed application templates are included as part of the Management Packs that install automatically when you first install Operations Manager:

  • Line of Business Web Application template

  • Messaging template

  • Blank template

In general you choose a template that includes all or most of the object types that are in your distributed application. For example, the Messaging template automatically includes object types for a mail store, Domain Name System (DNS) components, and directory service components. If your distributed application contains object types that are not included in the template most suited to your needs you can add those object types to the template. Use the Blank template if you would like to start from the beginning to design your distributed application.