Getting Started with the Cross Platform Management Pack Authoring Guide

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2

This topic covers the features, content, and required tools of the Cross Platform Management Pack Authoring Guide.

Cross Platform Authoring Guide Features

The sample management pack provided with the Cross Platform Management Pack Authoring Guide contains the following:

  • A discovery rule that determines whether the Sample Application exists on a computer

  • A script monitor that verifies the version of a script

  • A recovery task that deploys a new copy of the script if the verification fails

  • A health monitor that executes a script and evaluates results

  • A performance collection rule that collects performance data and then stores the information in the Operations Manager database

  • A performance monitor that creates an alert if the application performance falls outside of a specified boundary

This management pack also has the following components:

  • View folder

  • Performance view

  • Dependency rollups for system availability and system performance

  • Display strings

Cross Platform Authoring Guide Contents

The Cross Platform Management Pack Authoring Guide consists of the following items:

Authoring Guide Content Description

The Cross Platform Management Pack Authoring Guide for Operations ManagerĀ 2007 R2

This guide


The complete sample management pack

Bash script to simulate application health

Bash script to simulate performance data

Required Tools

To develop a management pack, the following tools must be available:

  • Successful installation of Microsoft System Center Operations ManagerĀ 2007 R2

  • Successful installation of System Center Core Library Management Pack

  • Successful deployment of Operations Manager management group that contains at least one UNIX-based or Linux-based computer

  • An XML editor, such as Microsoft Visual Studio

Because this guide focuses on how to create the management pack directly in XML, an XML editor is strongly recommended. The procedures in this guide provide instructions that use the Microsoft Visual Studio XML editor. You can download a free version of Visual Studio from the Visual Studio Express Downloads page (

XML Notepad is also available at