Intended Audience for the Cross Platform Management Pack Authoring Guide

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2

This document focuses on providing information to quickly implement a management pack for use with UNIX-based and Linux-based computers. This guidance is for system administrators who want to use new and existing scripts and who want to manage and monitor UNIX-based and Linux-based computers through the application of management packs.

Details of how to deploy and install Operations Manager 2007 R2 are described in the document Deploying Operations Manager 2007 (

You do not need previous experience with building management packs to use this guide, but be aware that the concepts described in the management pack authoring guide are not covered in depth in this document. See the Microsoft Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack Authoring Guide ( for a broader understanding of management packs and their role in managing systems and infrastructure.

This document focuses on two categories of individuals who might need to create a management pack: Operations Manager administrators and UNIX or Linux administrators. Familiarity with XML is helpful, but it is not required. Suggestions for resources are at the end of this guide.

Operations Manager Administrators

System Center Operations Manager administrators are familiar with a previous version of Operations Manager, but they are new to Operations Manager 2007 R2. Additionally, this might be an administrator’s introduction to UNIX and Linux operating systems. This administrator is familiar with the network and devices present within the infrastructure but will need to learn basic navigation tools and basic editing tools within the UNIX or Linux environment.

UNIX and Linux Administrators

UNIX or Linux administrators are familiar with the UNIX or Linux systems they manage, but they might have limited experience administering Windows-based computers and no previous experience as an Operations Manager administrator. This administrator is familiar with the network and devices present within the infrastructure. UNIX or Linux administrators will need to learn basic navigation and editing within the Windows environment.