Management Pack Tasks

Applies To: Operations Manager 2007 R2

This topic describes the scenarios that are covered in the Cross Platform Management Pack Authoring Guide.

Administrative Scenario

This guide and the sample files that are provided describe the steps to deploy and monitor rules, alerts, scripts, and performance counters on a UNIX-based or Linux-based computer. The samples presented are generic and apply to all supported operating systems.

The scenario is separated into several parts to show you how to write a customized management pack. Objectives include the following:

  • Discover if a file or script exists on a UNIX-based or Linux-based computer.

  • Verify and repair a file or script.

  • Monitor an application by using new or existing scripts.

  • Monitor the Health of an application.

  • Collect and report Performance Data.

The scenarios can be deployed as is, without any modifications. They are intended to be used as a starting point for creating custom discoveries, monitors, rules, and alerts.

This guide describes how to create a basic management pack with a discovery. A simple script is put on the system to simulate the health status of an application or service that exists on the UNIX-based or Linux-based server. The system that hosts the script is discovered for health monitoring. Next, the management pack validates that the script is current by comparing the MD5 hash of the file to a known, valid script. A recovery task then updates the old or corrupted script to the current version. When the script is validated, the script is executed and reports the results to StdErr. A monitor is then added to evaluate the system health based on the script results. Finally, a rule is created to collect performance data, and a monitor is created to generate an alert on a state change and notify the administrator for corrective action.