Registering with the Service Manager 2010 SP1 Data Warehouse to Enable Reporting

Applies To: System Center Service Manager 2010 SP1

After you have deployed the Service Manager and data warehouse management servers, for reporting to function, you must run the Data Warehouse Registration Wizard. This wizard registers the Service Manager management group with the data warehouse management group and deploys management packs from the Service Manager management server to the data warehouse management server. The management pack deployment process can take several hours to complete. It is a best practice not to turn off any Service Manager computers or stop any Service Manager services during this time. During this registration process, you can continue to use the Service Manager console to perform any Service Manager functions that you want.

To ensure that reporting data will be available, use the following procedures to register the data warehouse and deploy the management packs.

Because many of these procedures require the command Add-PSSnapin SMCmdletSnapIn, we recommend that you create a Windows PowerShell profile that will automatically run this command when you start Windows PowerShell. For more information about the Service Manager cmdlets for Windows PowerShell, see "Service Manager Cmdlets for Windows PowerShell" in the System Center Service Manager Administrator’s Guide (

In This Section

Step Description

Step 1: How to Create a Windows PowerShell Profile

Describes how to create a Windows PowerShell profile to make it easier for you to use the Service Manager cmdlets.

Step 2: How to Run the Data Warehouse Registration Wizard

Describes how to run the data warehouse registration wizard.

Step 3: How to Determine When Management Pack Deployment Is Complete

You have to allow enough time for the management pack deployment process to complete. This topic describes how to determine when management pack deployment is complete.

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