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Configuring App Controller


Updated: June 1, 2015

Applies To: System Center 2012 - App Controller, System Center 2012 SP1 - App Controller, System Center 2012 R2 App Controller

Opening the App Controller Console

To use the App Controller console, client computers must be running a supported browser.

By default, users and groups in the local Administrators group are members of the App Controller Administrator role. Before other users can access the App Controller console, an App Controller Administrator must do one of the following:

  • Connect App Controller to a VMM management server.

  • Connect a Windows Azure subscription and create a self-service user role.

For more information about connecting VMM management servers, connecting Windows Azure subscriptions, and creating self-service user roles, see Managing Services and Virtual Machines in System Center 2012 - App Controller.

To open the App Controller console in a Web browser

  1. In a Web browser, specify the console website in one of the following formats:

    • If the console website is using a non-default port, type https:// followed by the computer name of the web server, a colon (:), and then the port number. For example, type https://webserver:444.

    • If the console website is not using a dedicated port, then type https:// followed by the host header name.

  2. If Silverlight 5 is not installed, click the graphic to download and run the installer.

  3. On the logon page, provide the appropriate credentials, and then click Sign in. If single sign on is enabled you will not be prompted for credentials.

  4. If you are a member of multiple user roles you will need to select a user role that will apply for this session. You can quickly change user roles by refreshing the browser window.

You can customize the organization logo of the App Controller console.

  1. Navigate to the website root of the App Controller installation directory. By default, this is %PROGRAMFILES%\Microsoft System Center 2012\App Controller\wwwroot.

  2. Create a backup of the default organization logos by renaming the files as follows:

    1. Rename SC2012_WebHeaderLeft_AC.png to SC2012_WebHeaderLeft_AC.png.old

    2. Rename SC2012_WebHeaderRight_AC.png to SC2012_WebHeaderRight_AC.png.old

  3. Copy your logo into the wwwroot folder.

    The images must meet the following requirements:

    Location Image Name Size
    Top left SC2012_WebHeaderLeft_AC.png 287x44
    Top right SC2012_WebHeaderRight_AC.png 108x16


    The format must be PNG with a transparent background.

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