How to Change the Frequency of Synchronization for Integration with TFS in System Center 2012 SP1


Updated: May 13, 2016

Applies To: System Center 2012 SP1 - Operations Manager

The information in this topic applies only to System Center 2012 SP1.

In System Center 2012 SP1, synchronizing Operations Manager alerts and work items is key to working effectively and efficiently with your development team. When you assign an alert to engineering, the matching work item in Team Foundation Server (TFS) will not be created immediately. The synchronization frequency is controlled by overrides in the Operations Manager TFS Work Item Synchronization management pack (Microsoft.SystemCenter.TFSWISynchronization.mpb). To change the synchronization frequency, you can change the overrides listed in the following table.

Override description

Target object



Default Value

How often new TFS work items are created from alerts assigned to Engineering

TFS Connector

TFS Work Items Creation Rule

Interval Seconds

300 seconds

How often alerts assigned to Engineering and their associated TFS work items are synchronized

TFS Collection

TFS Work Items Synchronization Rule

Interval Seconds

900 seconds

How often alert attachments are added from the network file share to TFS work items

TFS Collection

Attachments Synchronization Rule

Interval in Seconds

900 seconds

The time range of the TFS work item history that will be synchronized with the alerts. For example, the default value of 24 means that changes that are made to a TFS work item only during the past 24 hours will be synchronized. With that setting, this parameter is important if synchronization is turned off for more than 24 hours, which might create a gap in the alert history that reflects the associated TFS work item history after synchronization is turned back on. The synchronization cycle is always shorter than Delta in hours when synchronization constantly stays on. This guarantees that complete work item history is synchronized if at least one synchronization cycle has occurred during the past 24 hours. 

TFS Collection

TFS Work Items Synchronization Rule

Delta in Hours

24 hours

How often the APM alerts will receive converted IntelliTrace logs. The value is defined in minutes.

IntelliTrace attachments for APM alerts singleton object

Add IntelliTrace as an APM attachment rule

IntelliTrace conversion data source polling interval

15 minutes


Setting the override frequencies too low might add substantial load to your management servers and TFS.

To change the frequency of synchronization

  1. Using the table above, find the override parameter that you want to change.

  2. In the Operations Manager console, click Authoring, expand Management Pack Objects, and then click Rules. To set the scope of displayed rules, click Scope, and then select View all targets. Locate and select TFS Collection and TFS Connector. Click OK.


    If you are using IntelliTrace, you must also select IntelliTrace attachments for APM alerts singleton object.

  3. In the list of scoped rules, right-click the rule with the parameter that you want to override. Click Overrides, click Override the Rule, and then click For all objects of class.

  4. Override the parameter to a new value, and save the settings to a management pack.