How to Set Placement Options for a Host

You can use the procedure in this topic to set the following placement options for a virtual machine host:

To set placement options for a host

  1. In Hosts view, navigate to the host group that contains the host, and then, in the results pane, double-click the host.

  2. Click the Placement tab.

  3. To designate the host as a maintenance host, select the This host is a maintenance host check box.

  4. To exclude the host from virtual machine placement, clear the This host is available for placement check box. The host will not be listed during placements and will not be available to host virtual machines.

  5. To add a virtual machine path to the host, click Add and then in the Select Destination Folders dialog box, navigate to the folder on the host where you will store virtual machines, and click OK. The virtual machine paths are added to the selection list for virtual machine locations during placement.

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