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Green IT:Framework for Building a “Hyper-Green” Virtual Server System

A Hyper-Green virtualization system is designed to fully optimize your reduction in enegy consumption. Here are seven steps you must follow to build a Hyper-Green system. Adam Bogobowicz and Dave Ohara

Green IT:Planning Your Power Management and Virtualization Strategies

Implementing power management and virtualization strategies are ideal first steps in moving towards a greener IT environment. Learn how you can simplify planning these strategies with the free Microsoft Assessment and Planning (MAP) Toolkit. Baldwin Ng

Green IT:Essential Tools for Planning Your Virtual Infrastructure

Is your infrastructure ready for virtualization? The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit, a network-wide infrastructure assessment tool, can help you better understand your IT infrastructure and determine whether your systems are ready for upgrade or migration to a variety of technologies, including virtualization. Jay Sauls and Baldwin Ng

Green IT:Build a Green Datacenter

Companies around the world are beginning to think of ways to save energy and reduce costs, yet there is little guidance on how you can take action. Get started with our introduction to planning, designing, and implementing a green datacenter in your organization. Dave Ohara



From the Editor:Going Green
It's time to start acting on your Green IT initiatives.Matthew Graven
Sustainable Computing:Enforce Power Management Settings in your Organization with Group Policy
Find out how features in Microsoft operating systems, various IT tools, and system management solutions (such as Microsoft System Center) can help you save money and minimize carbon emissions.Frank Koch, Mike Stephens, and Michael Walsh
Sustainable Computing:Sleep or Hibernate?
Leaving your computer on when it's not in use is a waste of energy. Features like Sleep and Hibernate make it easy to power down your system when you're not using it, and these features are more reliable now than in previous versions of Windows. Here's a look at the differences between these features and some best practices for configuring them.Mark Aggar, Megan Morrone, and Michael Walsh
Sustainable Computing:Is It Time to Turn Off Your Servers?
When you're not using your PC, you shut it down. So why not do the same with your servers? Dave Ohara explores the strategy of powering down idle servers for significant reductions in power consumption.Dave Ohara
Sustainable Computing:Conserving Energy with Group Policy
Enforcing a power management strategy on the systems throughout your entire organization can add up to substantial savings. And Windows Vista includes 35 power management settings that you can configure and enforce with Group Policy. Here is some guidance for configuring some of the more common settings.Mark Aggar, Pat Stemen, and Michael Walsh
Sustainable Computing:Plan and Optimize Your Infrastructure to be Energy Efficient with System Center
To truly achieve energy efficiency across the enterprise, you must think beyond power management settings and take into consideration the entire profile of your organization's architecture.Frank Koch, Mike Stephens, and Michael Walsh