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How to Run Exchange Server 2003 DomainPrep


DomainPrep creates the groups and permissions necessary for Exchange servers to read and modify user attributes in Active Directory. You must run DomainPrep before installing your first Exchange server in a domain.

Before You Begin

Before you perform the procedure in this topic, consider the following:

  • Before you run DomainPrep, you must have run ForestPrep in the forest.

  • Before you run DomainPrep, make sure the schema changes made during ForestPrep have replicated throughout the forest.

  • The account you use to run DomainPrep must be a member of the following groups:

    • Domain Administrators for the local domain

    • Local Machine Administrator

  • You must run DomainPrep in the following domains

    • The root domain.

    • All domains that will contain Exchange 2003 servers.

    • All domains that will contain Exchange Server 2003 mailbox-enabled objects (such as users and groups), even if no Exchange servers will be installed in these domains.

    • All domains that contain global catalog servers that Exchange directory access components may potentially use.

    • All domains that will contain Exchange 2003 users and groups that you will use to manage your Exchange 2003 organization.

  • You do not need any Exchange permissions to run DomainPrep


To run Exchange 2003 DomainPrep

  1. Insert the Exchange CD into your CD-ROM drive. You can run DomainPrep on any computer in the domain.

  2. From a command prompt, type E:\setup\i386\setup /DomainPrep, where E is your CD-ROM drive.

  3. On the Welcome to the Microsoft Exchange Installation Wizard page, click Next.

  4. On the License Agreement page, read the agreement. If you agree to the terms, click I agree, and then click Next.

  5. If the Product Identification page appears, type your 25-digit product key, and then click Next.

  6. On the Component Selection page, ensure that Action is set to DomainPrep. If not, click the drop-down arrow, and then click DomainPrep. Click Next.

    The DomainPrep option on the Component Selection page



    If DomainPrep does not appear in the Action list, you may have misspelled the "DomainPrep" command in Step 2. If this is the case, go back to Step 2 and retype the command.

  7. On the Completing the Microsoft Exchange Wizard page, click Finish.